CHPT. /// - K61 JACKET
CHPT. /// - K61 JACKET
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CHPT3 K61 Rain Jacket 1.41


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Introducing the dm : Chpt. /// 1.41 K61 1.41 Rain Jacket - K61? Yes this jacket is named after the Postal District for the Marina Cove, Hebe Haven area of Hong Kong. A place that David Millar used to call home and where he first began road cycling. The jacket uses eVent fabric that is totally waterproof and highly breathable all the seams are taped. You also get a dropped tail with reflective banding, a waterproof zipper and a storm flap protected chest pocket (ideal for your phone) The K61 has a tailored fit and features button up - fold down cuffs for greater protection.

Hong Kong is in Southeast Asia, which means it has a monsoon season and with it come typhoons, which in any other part of the world would be called hurricanes. This jacket is designed for bad weather, really bad weather, the kind of weather DM actually used to enjoy riding in back in his Hong Kong days. It is constructed to keep you dry when you have no choice but to go out in the rain.

Unlike traditional rain jackets it is tailored to fit, including little tricks like darts to refine the shape and fit meaning that on the bike you won't feel like you're dragging a parachute, and if the weather really is too atrocious to ride you can also sit in a café button the sleeves back and not look like you've been shipwrecked.

David went for the Rosso Fuoco ( Fire Red) colour way "primarily because of the visibility it offers, because often when you're caught in a storm there are only two concerns: protection from the weather and protection from vehicles. The K61 is designed to protect you".

The K61 designed for the worst weather nature can throw at you while still looking stunning.

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This is our rain jacket. The tech actually makes it capable of being called a storm jacket, hence the name "K61" which was David Millar's home address when he lived in Hong Kong and where he would ride in the occasional typhoon or monsoon downpour.

It is made of eVent material, a superior Gore-Tex. e company eVent was actually created by ex- Gore employees who discovered a better way of bonding the material and then set about creating a better fabric.

Its texture doesn't compare to other waterproof/ breathable materials, it feels very so and light, luxurious in fact. at property alone makes it different, it hangs differently when worn, and can be folded up smaller than other waterproof/ breathable jackets.

It has an almost tailored cut compared to most tent-like/wind trap rain jackets out there, although a certain amount of room has been left to take into account the fact it is an outer-layer, often worn on top of a Rocka (in the WORST possible conditions) or a JJ for example.

Of course it can be worn equally effciently with only a 1.21 or 1.22 underneath, perhaps only a Base layer, it doesn't really matter. The technical qualities of the K61 allow it to be layered any which way.

There are small details which truly separate it from the rest, first the higher neck, then the chest pocket with the storm flap, the black reflective beading along the rear hemline, and lastly but most importantly the buttoned cuff. This isn't there for the sake of it, when undone the arm length increases enough to properly cover the top of your hand, protecting you from even the biggest monsoon. It also has a certain sartorial elegance when fastened or unfastened.

Contrary to the Rocka Jacket where the Fire Red colour is used as an internal reveal, we decided to make it the main feature of the K61. It is while cycling in the rain or during a storm that we most easily disappear from view, we hope the K61 will make you stand out in any condition.

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Tech Spec for the dm : Chpt. /// - 1.41 K61 Rain Jacket

Fully waterproof taped seamed road cycling jacket named after David Millar's Monsoon ravaged home address

Fully Waterproof and highly breathable eVent 70g fabric

Features fully taped seams

Tailored cut with darts to enhance the fit and shape

Compact design means it can be folded up into a jersey pocket

Waterproof zipper

Zippered chest pocket with storm flap

Button up contrast cuff - looks good off the bike but seal the sleeve on the bike

Available in Rosso Fuoco (Fire Red) for maximum visibility

Black reflex trim

Sizes Men's 36"-44"

Weight 276g

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Chapter 3 - Chpt. /// bespoke clothing uses a tailoring system for its sizes. We use the physical chest or waist size as the garment size - If you have a 40" chest you need a 40" Jersey - Please note while the Chpt. /// range is not designed for racing it is still a close fitting athletic design suitible for active cyclists.

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A - 44 44 111.5

Waist Inch CM
B - 29
29 73.5
B - 30 30 76
B - 31 31 78.5
B - 32 32 81
B - 33 33 83.5
B - 34 34 86
B - 36 36 91

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