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Castelli - Mens Cycling Shorts

If you only intend to own one piece of Castelli Cycling apparel make sure its our superb cycling shorts (bibshorts). Designed with the help of current professional cyclists our shorts have won Grand Tours Spring Classics and thousands of fans world wide. Please choose your shorts carefully to get the best for your riding - Mondiale, Premio and Endurance X2 are our pick for training and sportive riding. While the Free Aero Race and Volo are our go to choice for fast and style conscious racers. For cold races we also have the Omloop and NanoFlex shorts with added weather protection. Your cycling shorts should fit snuggly, part of the role of a cycling short is to support the thigh muscle. When putting on your bibs ease them on over your shoulders and run your thumbs under the straps to flatten the strap. Bibs will fell snug on your shoulders when stood up straight but this is because they are designed for on the bike - where the fit should be perfect.


Castelli - Mens Base Layers

Few give credit to to the genius that is a quality cycling base layer. Thats why we now have some that stand out - So people know you know your stuff. Choosing the right base layer is as essential as choosing the right jacket, jersey or short. Base layers wick sweat from the body keeping you dry. They provide a stable airspace to promote an even body temperature (cool when it's warm / warm when it's cool). They stop the chills on cold descents. They acts as security gates stopping salt and oils from blocking the pores in garments like the Gabba (meaning that your Gabba will breath and bead water better for longer) and in cold weather they can provide an additional thermal layer. There is even evidence that base layers can reduce road rash injuries... So go on start with a base layer.


Castelli - Mens Cycling Jerseys

Shop for your men's Castelli cycling jersey today. We have summer cycling jerseys for every type of rider for every climatic condition. So choose the game changing Gabba jersey for cool wet weather, or the Perfetto Light for cool dry weather. The Climbers 2 Jersey is perfect for fast riders in hot weather. While our Aero Race Jerseys will save you precious watts when every second counts. And if you haven't got a racers physique don't worry our Spunto and Prologo jerseys are perfect for real people. All our Castelli mens cycling jerseys have rear pockets for storing your mid ride essentials and full length zippers to help regulate air flow mid ride.

And dont forget we also have the David Millar designed Chpt. /// range of summer cycling jerseys and a vast array of Team Sky jerseys.


Castelli - Mens Cycling Jackets

It may be summer but that doesn't stop you needing a jacket (especially in the UK) Castelli do a range of fully waterproof and water resistant jackets to help you squeeze the most out of the summer. All our summer shell pieces can be folded up to fit in your pocket when not in use, making them ideal for unexpected showers or cold descents. Our Idro jacket is the ultimate in fully waterproof breathable jacket and it packs up to nothing it also features a whole new generation of GoreTex that permanently beads meaning you never need to restore its DWR coating. At the other end of the scale our Squdra Long Jacket offers protection from summer showers for £40! If you're planning a trip to the mountains this summer we strongly recommend you take some form of shell with you every ride and the Superleggera available as a jacket or vest is our recommended choice, its compact light and offers great protection from cold winds and misty valleys. Read more about what garments to wear, when with our handy guide waterproof and breathable