Hypnotize Free AR 4.1 Jersey
Hypnotize Free AR 4.1 Jersey
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Castelli Cafe Hypnotize Jersey

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Introducing the new Castelli Cafe Hypnotize Jersey, a strictly limited-edition design based on Castelli's AR 4.1 race jersey and available exclusively through Castelli Cafe.

The AR 4.1 is a remarkable jersey that's just about perfect for every rider. It saves approximately 12W at 40kmph compared to Castelli's standard fit jerseys, but its snug, rather than tight fit suits a much wider range of body shapes than the Aero Race 5.1. It's also light, breathable and wicks sweat effortlessly without being too draughty. It gets a Z collar with a protective flap – intentionally offset and dropped for added comfort – while out back, Castelli has also added a zippered pocket to keep your keys safe and angled the other pockets for easier access.

In short, the AR 4.1 is really the only jersey you need for training and sportives as well as chain gangs, races and looking fabulous at your mid-ride coffee stop. Now you can look even more striking, thanks to this new and exclusive Castelli Cafe version.

Castelli Cafe maestro, Adrian Yate, explains how the design of our exclusive Hypnotize colourway stemmed from one of those long solo bike rides where the repeated line of a song spirals inexorably through your mind.

"As the lyrics of 'The Windmills of Your Mind' circled through my consciousness, it became apparent that the song is not only the perfect representation of a bike ride but also the very process of picking over a song stuck in a loop as the pedals turn.

"I found myself changing the words as I rode along, tweaking the lyrics to my cycling situation, and in doing so, it struck me that we could create a limited-edition design to represent the hypnotic quality of music lodged in the brain while cycling.

"From there, it was just a case of Castelli Servizio Corse manager, Darren Gumm, getting it out of my head and onto a jersey!"

The finished design certainly nails that sense of cycling's mysterious power to inspire and hypnotise in equal measure. The arresting spirals of black and white are complemented by flashes of Italian red and green, which sweep across the chest and are also pulled out on the collar, right sleeve and middle rear pocket – all in homage to the roots of this iconic Italian brand.

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Technical features for the Castelli Cafe Hypnotize Free AR 4.1 Jersey

This Castelli Cafe exclusive limited-edition AR 4.1 has all the benefits of Castelli's best ever jersey with a unique design.

Strictly limited edition of 50

Velocity dimpled fabric on front and shoulders for improved wicking and faster drying

Full-length YKK Vislon zipper with Z neck protector (this is Z-shaped and asymmetrical)

Nevato fabric at arm holes for improved aerodynamics and breathability

Silicone gripper at waist

Mesh raw edge arm grippers

3 open rear pockets and additional zippered security pocket

Inside of the pockets feature Italian hypnotize print

Sizes men's S-3 XL

Weight 123 g (L)

The fit is snug but not Aero Race tight.

Castelli Sizing Guide - Men's & Unisex

Castelli Sizing is based on your physical measurements and the garments intended use. Please do not compare sizing with other manufactures. Race item's are designed to use fabric stretch to achieve a very snug fit as such physical garment sizes vary within the range, depending on fabrics used. This is intentional and ensures that each garment works optimally in its given role. For more on fit please consult our FITTING GUIDE

You do not need to size up for jackets or vests please select your normal jersey size.

PLEASE NOTE size shown is the maximum size so for someone with a 99cm chest you would be a size L if you have a 101cm chest you are XL

Castelli Cafe mens size guide diagram

A - Chest B - Waist C - Hips D - Inseam
XS 88cm 76cm 90cm 81cm
S 92cm 80cm 94cm 82cm
M 96cm 84cm 98cm 83cm
L 100cm 88cm 102cm 84cm
XL 105cm 93cm 107cm 85cm
2XL 110cm 98cm 112cm 86cm
3XL 115cm 104cm 116cm 87cm

PLEASE NOTE size shown is the maximum size so for someone with a 99cm chest you would be a size L if you have a 101cm chest you are XL

A. Measure around the chest at the fullest part.

B. Measure around the waist over the belly button

C. Measure over the hip bones

D. Measure from the crotch to the base of the ankle bone

Castelli Cafe - Fitting Guide

Castelli is sized against the rider's physical dimensions the size data in the size guide is the rider size, not the garment size. Castelli garment size is optimised for intended function, So for example an Aero Jersey or Speed Suit are designed to be extremely close fitting, using the material stretch to fit the rider's torso. A race jersey laid on top of a non race jersey of the same size may appear 5cm narrower and not as long - this is intentional as the garment fabrics are designed to stretch to accommodate the riders body shape creating a very close aerodynamic race fit. Never measure old kit to get your Castelli size always measure yourself.

Shoe covers are designed to fit snuggly over road racing shoes only (unless otherwise stated). If your shoes are to the upper end of the size designation and have bulky buckles you should consider the next size up.

1. Snug Fitting; On the bike your jersey or jacket fits snuggly. When riding you don't hear or feel any fabric flapping the close fit helps the capillary action of the fabric to draw moisture from the skin helping you feel drier and more comfortable.

2. Rider Positioning; Fit Off the bike your Castelli jersey or jacket might feel tight across the chest and a little short at the front. This is because the jersey is designed to fit the rider in the riding position. On the bike the fit is prefect with no bunching at the waist and no sagging over the chest. Please keep this in mind when trying on new garments.

3. Fabric Engineering; We use fabrics specifically engineered to wick moisture from the skin or between fabrics, We have created a apparel range that starts with wicking base layers passes through jerseys and onto jackets and shell fabrics. Every element is designed to optimize its specific application - wicking, cooling, thermo regulation, breathability and protection. In order for this to work the fit has to be snug (but never tight)

4. Aerodynamics; The other important aspect of close fitting garments is the aerodynamic advantage they provide. We work closely with professional riders from the Cannondale Team and in wind tunnels to optimise the fit, (again in the important riding position) sleeves are articulated forward to eliminate wrinkles and provide maximum body contact. As an example of our obsession we created the Gabba range of products based around the fit of a race jersey Gabba fits snuggly but provides ultimate weather protection its a key race piece for poor weather conditions allowing athletes to gain an aero advantage over rivals in rain capes.

5. Bib-short Fit; Bib-shorts fit is just as important as a jersey in providing performance - enhancing features such as aerodynamics and muscle support, as well as protecting your bottom from hours spent in the saddle. Bib-shorts should fit tightly enough to support critical leg muscles through compression without inhibiting movement and constricting blood flow. Using a combination of fabrics allows us to fine tune each material's characteristics to optimize fit and performance.

For more details on fitting please visit our full FITTING GUIDE

The Correct care of your Castelli items will vastly prolong the garments life and help to maintain your unfair advantage.

These are our general care instructions - For full care instructions and for specialist cleaning instructions visit our COMPREHENSIVE CARE GUIDE

If garments are heavily soiled with mud or road salt then rinse until the water is clear. Do this in the shower or the sink before washing (cold or warm water only).

If you've used fabric softener in your machine recently, make sure all traces are gone from the machine drum and detergent tray (put the machine on a rinse cycle before washing your kit).

Close all zips and Velcro fasteners and turn the garments inside out.

Try to wash all your cycling kit together and only wash whites with whites colours with colours.

Don't wash cycling kit with bulky or dyed items like jeans or towels.

Machine wash on a warm cycle (40°C / 105°F MAX) using a small amount of non-bio liquid detergent -- we recommend Fairy Non-Bio liquid. Choose a cycle with a double rinse and minimise spinning to reduce creasing.

Do not use powder detergents or any products that contain fabric softeners, conditioners, stain removers or bleach as they may affect garment performance -- destroying wicking treatments, elastics, membranes, water-repellent treatments and sun protection treatments as well as washing out colours. Use of any of the above will void your warranty, too.

Remove promptly from the machine following washing and hang dry or dry flat. DO NOT dry on a radiator or other direct heat source. DO NOT tumble dry

Please note you may have hang tags on garments that have contradictory advice to the garment label. Please be advised that hang tag instructions are for the fabric alone eg Windstopper Fabric not the garment. Your Castelli garment may have additional fabric elements that have different characteristics eg linings, stretch panels, reflective trim. Always follow the above instructions if in doubt please ask us before washing.

For full Care instructions and for specialist cleaning instructions visit our COMPREHENSIVE CARE GUIDE