Castelli Fitting Guide

Choose the right size Castelli garment for your needs.

This Castelli Cafe fitting guide will help to explain the function behind the fit, however we are happy to answer any questions you may have on fit so please contact us:

To start with, Castelli use European standard fitting guidelines, however our smaller sizes are longer than standard – Statistics dictate that performance cyclists are lean so more likely to be a medium chest fit but with a large height fit.

Castelli is sized against the rider's physical dimensions. Castelli garment size is optimised for the intended use of the product. What this means is when you pull that race jersey out of the bag its going to look like something for a child. Our race clothing stretches a lot to achieve a ripple free fit and it needs to fit snugly this is what gives you a 20+ watt saving. If your chest size says you should be a L you should be a L however if you like the design of a race piece but want a more casual fit - go up a size. A non performance piece will come out the bag much more like your tee shirt size this makes a looser (possibly more flattering) fit but you lose performance.

Casual clothes are designed to fit comfortably, but ensure you purchase your size based on the product page size guide.

Winter jackets are sized to fit over a long sleeve base layer and vests (gilets) are designed to fit over jerseys. Waterproof and windproof jackets are designed to fit over a jersey and warmers.

Remember It is the intended use that dictates the fit and 'snugness', not the sizing label.

Lastly don't expect to be a medium in Castelli just because you are a medium in fashion size (who often use vanity sizing), these are Italian/EU sport sizing so please always adhere to the size guide.

Castelli Cafe is the UK Home of Castelli Cycling

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Snug Fitting

On the bike, your jersey or jacket fits snuggly. When riding you don't hear or feel any fabric flapping - the close fit helps the capillary action of the fabric to draw moisture from the skin helping you feel drier and more comfortable.


Rider Positioning Fit

Off the bike, your Castelli jersey or jacket might feel tight across the chest and a little short at the front. This is because the jersey is designed to fit the rider in the riding position. On the bike, the fit is perfect with no bunching at the waist and no sagging over the chest. Please keep this in mind when trying on new garments.


Fabric Engineering

Castelli use fabrics specifically engineered to wick moisture from the skin or between fabrics. They design and develop fabrics with the biggest manufacturers in the world - companies like Gore (Wind-Stopper and Gore-Tex) eVent, DuPont, Outdry, and more. When a fabric doesn't exist Castelli create it, like with their miracle NanoFlex - a water resistant thermoflex fabric ideal for arm and leg warmers. They have created an apparel range that starts with wicking base layers passes through jerseys and onto jackets and shell fabrics. Every element is designed to optimize its specific application - wicking, cooling, thermo regulation, breathability and protection. In order for this to work the fit has to be snug (but never tight).



The other important aspect of close fitting garments is the aerodynamic advantage they provide. Castelli work closely with professional riders from the pro team and in wind tunnels to optimize the fit - again in the riding position. Sleeves are articulated forward to eliminate wrinkles and provide maximum body contact. As an example of the obsession, Castelli created the Gabba range of products based around the fit of a race jersey - Gabba fits snuggly but provides ultimate weather protection. It's a key race piece for poor weather conditions allowing athletes to gain an aero advantage over rivals in rain capes.


Bibshort Fit

Bibshort fit is just as important as a jersey in providing performance. Enhancing features such as aerodynamics and muscle support, as well as protecting your bottom from hours spent in the saddle.
Bibshorts should fit tightly enough to support critical leg muscles through compression without inhibiting movement and constricting blood flow. Using a combination of fabrics allows Castelli to fine tune each material's characteristics to optimize fit and performance.

Trying on Castelli

Firstly don't rip the bag open and cut the tags off you might just have to return the item so go steady.

Now inspect the garment, although Castelli have rigorous QC some items may have a fault that gets through or the garment might not look like what you thought you ordered.

When trying on Castelli garments firstly remember hygiene, always try kit on over clean underwear we wont accept returns that are not factory fresh.

Don't try your Castelli kit on, and just stand in front of the mirror, thinking this is a bit short at the front – a bit tight on the shoulders and arms. Castelli cycling clothing is designed to fit on the bike so bend over arms out replicate that riding position.

Hopefully it fits.

If it doesn't fit or you had an issue with the quality of the garment please just return it to us for an exchange or refund. We will exchange or refund unused items no questions asked within 30 days. Please visit Returns Information for further details.